Restaurante para cenas de empresa

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Company dinner restaurant

La Boqueria Restaurant is a large restaurant located in the center of Barcelona with experience in organizing group menus and company dinners. We have a large indoor lounge where we can accommodate a large number of diners and make different assemblies of tables so that everyone can fit comfortably.

Business dinners in Barcelona

Superior image: one of our paellas, perfect dish for groups

Company dinners are typical of times of the year when business cycles close . The vast majority of company dinners are organised before Christmas, when companies take stock of the year that is about to end. However, there are also companies that carry them out before the holiday period, as the arrival of summer and heat invite to gather around tables and terraces of restaurants . In Restaurante la Boquería we are specialists in organizing group dinners and company dinners, so you can count on us if you want to organize yours.

Prepared equipment

The team of both kitchen and service Restaurant La Boqueria is made up of professionals with remarkable experience accustomed to working under all kinds of conditions. No matter the number of diners or the type of food you are going to order, our kitchen is open every day from 7:00h to 1:00h uninterruptedly and always ready to meet the needs of our customers. In the case of company dinners the only thing we need is a previous reservation in order to prepare the corresponding dishes.


Our opening hours are as follows:

  • Monday from 7.00h to 1.00h
  • Tuesday from 7.00h to 1.00h
  • Wednesday from 7.00h to 1.00h
  • Thursday from 7.00h to 1.00h
  • Friday from 7.00h to 1.00h
  • Saturday from 7.00h to 1.00h
  • Sunday from 7.00h to 1.00h

Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine

All the dishes for our company dinners are based on recipes of traditional Catalan dishes and Mediterranean food. We also have a varied tapas menu for all tastes, so at your company dinner you can taste a wide variety of preparations with ingredients of the highest quality.


Typical Mediterranean decoration

Our restaurant has a typical Mediterranean decoration with tiles, ceramics, stained glass windows and natural plants that bring warmth and attractiveness to the place. The comfortable leather and wooden armchairs adapt to the back of the most demanding diners. Do not hesitate to contact us to organize your business dinner in one of the most attractive places in the city of Barcelona.

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